How to reset Kali Linux Password

How to reset a forgotten password in Linux
reset Kali Linux Password

If you are unable to log in to the Kali Linux due to the fact that you have forgotten the password of the user account, or even if it's the right password but still wont let you login then all is not lost! Although this password cannot be recognized (using simple methods), but it can be reset and replaced with a new one, this instruction will tell you what to do if you forgot your Linux user password .

How to change password for Linux user
Any users from the group of administrators (whose account belongs to the wheel group ) can change the password for any other user - both for unprivileged accounts and for other administrators, including root. Those. if you have forgotten the root password, but remember the password of a user who has the right to execute commands with sudo , you can restore the password with the passwd command . To change the root password, do:
sudo passwd
kali linux root password

To change the password of any user run:
sudo passwd username
Where instead of username you need to substitute the name of a Linux user account.
What to do if you forget your Linux login password
If you do not have other administrative accounts and, having forgotten the password of your Linux account, you cannot log in to the operating system, then you need a single user mode to reset the password .

In single-user mode, no credentials (login, password) are asked for entry, while the logged in user has superuser rights. In this mode, using the familiar command passwd , it is possible to set a new password.

The algorithm in all Linux distributions is similar:
  • Aborting the GRUB bootloader
  • Adding a boot option that includes single user mode
  • Resume boot
  • Password change with the passwd command
  • Reboot in normal mode
Please note that the changes made in the second step (changing the boot options) are temporary - they affect only one subsequent load. Therefore, when you restart at the fifth step, you do not need to do anything - the system will turn on as usual.

To move to the end of the line and to the beginning of the line (in the second step), use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + a and Ctrl + e .

Although the algorithm for resetting the root password is similar, but there may be some nuances in different distributions, consider them in more detail.
reset Kali Linux Password and Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian,  (should also work for other Debian derivatives)
To interrupt the GRUB boot (first step) while starting the computer, press and hold the SHIFT key - it always works, even on Linux Mint, where the GRUB menu is turned off by default.
Press the " e " key and you will proceed to edit the boot settings:
forgot kali linux username and password

The screen does not have the line we need, scroll with the cursor keys down and find the line starting with linux :
What is the default password for kali linux?

First change "ro" to "rw" and then add at then end of the line the following command:
 "init =/bin/bash"
It should look like this :
linux password reset

When everything is ready, press Ctrl + x or F10 to continue.

You will see a shell prompt, also note that we are logged in as root , i.e. we have elevated privileges, including the use of the passwd command :

Using the passwd command, we can change the password :
after you type the passwd command enter the new password you want

As you can see, after this password change was successful
Now reboot with a physical button and don't use reboot command now !
What is the wheel group in Linux
For computers, the term wheel refers to user accounts with the wheel bit, a system parameter that provides additional special system privileges that allow the user to execute commands for official use that other users cannot access. The term is derived from the big wheel slang phrase (literally “big wheel”), referring to a person with great power or influence. It was first used in this context with respect to the TENEX operating system, later distributed under the name TOPS-20 in the 1960s and early 1970s.

This term was adopted by Unix users in the 1980s due to the movement of operating system developers and users from TENEX / TOPS-20 to Unix.

Modern Unix systems typically use user groups as a security protocol for managing access rights. The wheel group is a special group of users used on some Unix systems to control access to the sudo command , which allows the user to disguise as another user (usually the superuser).

What is single-user mode in unix
Single-user mode is a mode in which a multi-user computer operating system is loaded into a single super-user. This mode is mainly used to serve multi-user environments such as network servers. Some tasks may require exclusive access to shared resources, for example, running fsck on a network share. This mode can also be used for security purposes — network services do not start, which eliminates the possibility of external interference. In some systems, the lost superuser password can be changed by switching to single user mode. Since at the entrance to this we decide that no password is requested, this can be considered as a security vulnerability.

Unix-like operating systems provide a single-user mode of operation, either through the execution level in System V style, or with BSD-style loaders, or with other boot parameters.

The run level is usually changed using the init command , the run level 1 or S will be loaded into single user mode.

Bootloader parameters can be changed during startup before executing the kernel. On FreeBSD and DragonFly BSD, it can be changed before rebooting the system using the nextboot -o "-s" -k kernel command , and its bootloader will offer the option of booting into single-user mode.
Kali Linux
April 7, 2019



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