Kalitorify for Kali Linux - to redirect network traffic through TOR

Kalitorify is a shell based script for Kali Linux. It uses iptables and TOR to create a transparent proxy. In simple terms, this means that all your network traffic can be redirected through TOR. It is based on Parrot AnonSurf , which is a popular module in Parrot OS to ‘torify’ your traffic.

git clone https://github.com/brainfucksec/kalitorify
apt-get update && apt-get install tor

cd kalitorofy/

make install


./kalitorify.sh --help

./kalitorify.sh -t

./kalitorify.sh -r

To create a transparent tor proxy, plain and simple run ‘./kalitorify.sh -t‘. That’s it, all your traffic now is redirected through tor.

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March 31, 2019



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