Raspberry Pi B+ Assignment audio video signal at the 4-pin jack plug

The Raspberry Pi Model B + has a common 4-pin jack plug for audio and video signals. The data sheet or the circuit diagram of the model B + shows the following picture detail for the assignment of the jack socket:
The informative value of this drawing is not very helpful if you can not read it correctly.
Assignment of the 4-pin jack connector
The assignment of the 4-pin jack connector looks like this:

1 (plug) 2 3 4 (top)
video Ground (GND) Right (right audio channel) Left (left audio channel)

The assignment is identical to the Apple iPod. However, not with the iPhone or iPad. There is no video output, but a microphone input, but the Raspberry Pi does not.

Audio Enhancements
The analog audio output of the Raspberry Pi is extremely bad. Noise, humming and a miserable sound are simply no fun. If it goes beyond experimentation, then audio extensions for GPIO or USB are recommended.
Raspberry Pi
November 12, 2017



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