Spaghetti - Web Application Security Scanner v0.1.1

Spaghetti is a web application security scanner tool. It is designed to find various default and insecure files, configurations, and misconfigurations.
Spaghetti is built on python2.7 and can run on any platform which has a Python environment.

  • Server
  • Web Frameworks (CakePHP,CherryPy,Django,...)
  • Web Application Firewall (Waf) (Cloudflare,AWS,Barracuda,...)
  • Content Management System (CMS) (Drupal,Joomla,Wordpress,Magento)
  • Operating System (Linux,Unix,Windows,...)
  • Language (PHP,Ruby,Python,ASP,...)

Scanning using options 1 :

  1. Apache
  2. Apache (mod_userdir)
  3. Apache (mod_status)
  4. Apache multiviews
  5. Apache xss
  6. Broken Auth./Session Management

Scanning using options 2 :

  1. Admin Panel
  2. Backdoors
  3. Backup Directory
  4. Backup File
  5. Common Directory
  6. Common File
  7. Log File
  8. Disclosure
  9. Emails
  10. IP
  11. Injection

Scanning using options 3 :

  1. HTML
  2. SQL
  3. LDAP
  4. XPath
  5. XSS
  6. RFI
  7. PHP Code
  8. Other

Scanning using options 4 :

  1. Allow Methods
  2. HTML Object
  3. Multiple Index
  4. Robots Paths
  5. Cookie Security
  6. Vulns

Scanning using options 5:

  1. ShellShock
  2. Struts-Shock

  •  git clone
  •  cd Spaghetti 
  •  pip install -r requirements.txt
  •  python --help
Tool Page at Github

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September 22, 2017



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