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Top 7 Best HTML5 Books For Beginners To Learn Web Design
HTML5 Books For Beginners

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts: It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors, and a larger set of technologies that allows more diverse and powerful Web sites and applications
It helps audio and video playback without the usage of plug-ins.
It offers better and clearer code to developers and engineers.
it helps in saving cost and time of the developer. The new options of HTML also present great assist for mobile devices.
A List of good and helpful sources for learning HTML5:

1- HTML5: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Web Development
 HTML5 Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Web Development

The book offers encoding information related to audio and video integration to web pages.
it has way too much information about video and audio compression. Inside of the Video and Audio tag explanations, Pilgrim goes on to talk about video and audio containers, how codecs work, what bit-rates mean, how copyright licensing affects supported file types,.
It factors to the usage of Modernizr JavaScript library for detecting HTML5 options that are supported in the user browser.
There are many code examples, and in all cases they’re very relevant, easy to digest, and easy to understand in their context. And again, in all cases, the code examples seem to be very accurate and usable.
For more details check out HTML5: Up and Running: Dive into the Future of Web Development book review.

2- Head First HTML5 Programming
Head First HTML5 Programming

What can HTML5 do for you? If you’re a web developer looking to use HTML5, you might be wondering how much has really changed. Head First HTML5 Programming introduces the key features including local storage, audio and video tags, geolocation, and the canvas drawing surface and uses concrete examples and exercises to apply and reinforce these concepts
The initial chapters present large information on JavaScript, which includes the introduction on the use of DOM via JavaScript. It supplies quite a lot of information on the usage of canvas, web workers, web storage, video, and geolocation.
There are numerous examples, photos, puzzles, diagrams and games to explain the strategies. In a nutshell, the book offers clear pictures, illustrations, concepts and is ideally fitted to newcomers.
•  Get the low-down on changes to basic HTML
•  Understand JavaScript’s relationship to HTML5
•  Bring out your inner artist with Canvas
•  Use the technology to add audio and video
•  Take advantage of local storage
•  Put your browser to work with Web workers
•  Learn how HTML5 deals with geolocation, and more
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For more details check out Head First HTML5 Programming book review.

3- HTML5 for Masterminds, 2nd Edition: 
HTML5 for Masterminds, 2nd Edition

How to take advantage of HTML5 to create amazing websites and revolutionary applications
This book is not an introduction of HTML5 but instead a complete course that will teach you how to build compelling websites and amazing web applications from scratch. Every chapter explores basic as well as complicated concepts of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Information is supported by fully functional examples to guide beginners and experts through every single tag, style and function included in the specifications.
This Book Includes:  447 examples explained
Learn how to:
  1.     Create HTML documents
  2.     Create CSS style sheets
  3.     Program in Javascript
  4.     Create 2D and 3D Graphics
  5.     Create 2D and 3D Animations
  6.     Create 2D and 3D Video Games
  7.     Take your Applications Full Screen
  8.     Generate Audio for your Video Games
  9.     Create Audio Effects in 3D
  10.     Take Pictures from the WebCam
  11.     Create a System to make Video Calls
  12.     Transfer Data Peer-to-Peer
  13.     Process Audio Files
  14.     Closed Captioning your Videos
  15.     Create CSS3 Animations
For more details check out HTML5 for Masterminds, 2nd Edition book review.

4. HTML5: The Missing Manual
HTML5: The Missing Manual

HTML5 is greater than a markup language it’s a collection of several independent web standards. Fortunately, this expanded guide covers everything you need in one convenient place, you will learn how to construct web apps that include video tools, dynamic drawings, offline web apps, geolocation, drag-and-drop, and lots of different features. HTML5 is the future of the Web, and with this book, you will reach it shortly.
For more details check out HTML5: The Missing Manual book review.

5- The Definitive Guide to HTML5
The Definitive Guide to HTML5

The Definitive Guide to HTML5 begins by tackling the fundamentals of HTML5, guaranteeing that you understand best practices and key uses of all the essential components, together with those new to HTML5. This section additionally covers utilization of JavaScript, CSS2 and CSS3, and DOM manipulation, making you proficient in all the core aspects of modern website creation.

The next a part of the book covers the related W3C APIs that surround the HTML5 specification. You’ll obtain a thorough working knowledge of the geolocation API, the communications API, web storage, and the new drag and drop functionality.

The Definitive Guide to HTML5 then dives into the key media enhancements of HTML5 and its surrounding technologies: SVG, Canvas, audio, and video. The book rounds off with high-stage coverage of concurrent programming, offline applications, security, and testing and debugging HTML5.
For more details check out The Definitive Guide to HTML5 book review.

6- Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3
Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

The author of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 illustrates that responsive web design is not a huge single monolithic thing but a series of existing technologies (HTML5, CSS3) and design techniques (flexible grid layout, flexible images and media and media queries) instead. The majority of the book mainly focuses on HTML5 and CSS3 and the powerful enhancements these technologies bring about. In addition to their application in Responsive web design the author explores new HTML5 elements and the vast improvements in CSS3 aesthetics.
The book contains:
    Many examples of modern techniques available for building a responsive website nowadays.
    Details on the 'Responsive Web Design' concept
    Comprehensive explanations of fluid grid layout,  flexible images and media query
    Many websites that are highly useful tools for a web developer
For more details check out Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 book review.

7- HTML5 Games: Creating Fun with HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL

HTML5 Gamesshows you how to combine HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to make games for the web and mobiles - games that were previously only possible with plugin technologies like Flash. Using the latest open web technologies, you are guided through the process of creating a game from scratch using Canvas, HTML5 Audio, WebGL and WebSockets.
For more details check out HTML5 Games: Creating Fun with HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL book review.

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