how to hack wifi password

how to hack wifi password kali linux tutorial 
recently, most "noob" are looking for an easy wireless networks hacking WiFi,
Perhaps now the best wifi cracker for beginners is airgeddon .
Airgeddon in semi-automatic cycle guides you through all the stages: from the translation of the wireless card in monitor mode, through the choice of target and capture of 4 way handshake to crack passwords WiFi crack.
YouTube Video :  how to hack wifi password using airgeddon
how to hack wifi password
airgeddon Installation
Installing airgeddon bash script can be performed in any Linux, but the script itself require other packages (dependence). All of them are already available in distributions like Kali Linux and BlackArch. When you start the script it will check for all the packages and give you result with the missing packages, still it can work fine if some of them are missing …
it also need a compatible usb wireless adapter for kali linux
For example, in Kali Linux 2016.2 those tow packages were missing

isc-dhcp-server and lighttpd … the script can work fine without them for wifi cracking but some of the function won’t work
Install missing package
name: isc-dhcp-server
 apt-get install isc-dhcp-server
name: lighttpd
apt-get install lighttpd
Let's imagine that you are in one of these derivatives or you have already installed the necessary packages - it's really easy,
Users Kali Linux, BlackArch and other similar specialized distributions won’t need to install dependencies from source - they are already installed on your system, or can be easily installed from the standard repositories,
installation of airgeddon: on kali Linux :
cd airgeddon-master
Now to run the script:
sudo bash
(you will only need sudo command if you are not root)

Instructions to use airgeddon: to hack wifi password
airgeddon wifi cracker
Now we need to select the wireless card, In Kali Linux it is usually called the wlan0,
1. Select another network interface
    2.  wlan0
network interface
after you select the network interface you have to put it in monitor mod
As mentioned just above, we need to make our wireless card is in monitor mode, therefore select "2" Put interface in monitor mode
to crack Wi-Fi, we need to capture the whats called handshake. It is data exchanged between the device to be connected (eg, laptop, mobile phone) to the access point (wireless router). Intercepting these data, it is possible to decipher your wireless network password.
To capture a handshake go to "5" 
5.  Handshake tools menu
how to hack wifi password
again select 5.  Capture Handshake
now you will be reminded that you have to select a target network just hit Enter and then Enter
it will start searching for wifi network , to stop the search press  Ctrl + C then
Select target network : by network number
how to hack wifi password
now you will get a list of the available APs
Please note that the access points that marked with asterisks clients - this is the most promising "clients" to capture a handshake. More pay attention to the column ENC. don't try to crack WEP network with airgeddon it wont work.
but choose those type of networks WPA or WPA2.
When select, place the appropriate number and press Enter. now it's time to get the handshake  file by preforming deauthentication
to do that Simply select the first option, if the handshake is not captured, then select the second option, and so on.
2.  Deauth aireplay attack
aireplay attack
it will start trying to get the handshake file , it needs few seconds
 There will be two new small window, one of which will disappear after a while:
wpa crack
Now look at the window, which did not disappear when you see there WPA handshake:
how to hack wifi password
then you have successfully captured a handshake. In this case, type y and hit enter in the script enter, if the handshake is not  captured, then enter n and try again.
now you need to save the handshake file The script will offer to enter a name for the handshake file, if you just press the [Enter], the handshake will be saved with the default name.
Go back to the main menu  
   Then select
6.  Offline WPA/WPA2 decrypt menu
              Then select
          1.  (aircrack) Dictionary attack against capture file
the script will reminds you that you have already captured a handshake in this session and asks if you want to break it type y and enter .
you will get a message like this :
You already have selected a capture file during this session [/root/winet]
Do you want to use this already selected capture file? [y/n]

it will show a note about the BSSID (the network name that is similar to the MAC address)
And asked if I wanted to use it - again if you are cracking the handshake that you just got in this session then type y and hit enter
Now we need to enter the path to the dictionary
(instead of typing the path, you can drag the file into the script window):
if you don't have a password dictionary  check this post how get one Password dictionary
after that it will start aircrack-ng to that will try to crack wifi password
how to hack wifi password
it took me 7 minutes to get the wifi password 
The script airgeddon it is written in Bash it automated tasks on Linux
The script was the easiest of all, which I have ever worked with. With this script the most novice Linux user will be able to crack WiFi or become whats so-called ( wifi hacker ) !
still it's recommend not to always use automated scripts, and to continue to examine manual methods that well improve hacking skills.

Check this video as i hack wifi password with airgeddon
December 1, 2016


  1. in my case the ((2. wlan0 )) camonde is not show..

    1. is your wifi card working at all ?

    2. Perhaps he needs to download and install the compat 2.6 wireless card?

  2. Hello
    I tried all the attacks.. it can't get any hand shake. I tried all of them no hand shake comes.? How to fix it?

    1. 99% of modern access points are locked against all of these attacks -- reaver, aircrack, anything WPA or WPS related. The easy days of WEP cracking are gone. APs are now locked down *by default* instead of the old days when deafult passwords were the norm. Kali is great for a lof of things... but you can't crack wifi unless the user has really done something stupid to their AP...

  3. This worked for me thanks

  4. A graphical X window system has not been detected. If you already have one, check it's working properly. It's essential for airgeddon. The script can't continue

    I have installet on a Pi without monitor. How i bring to live?

  5. thanks for share this tut , can u please upload your dictionary


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