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diamond 980000N usb Wifi Adapter

diamond 980000N usb Wireless Adapter rtl3070 ralink wireless inject and monitor mode
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Diamond 980000N High Power Wireless Adapter USB Wifi lan card

Diamond 980000N High Gain Powerful 38DBI 3800mw is using ralink wireless rtl3070 chips
rtl3070 dose support  inject and monitor mode ... but what about diamond !!!

with this adapter you can get a huge list of Wifi access point, the signal is stronger then many other cards on the market, but it's not the best you can get,
I got this card just to check it and after testing it, no i would never buy it or suggester it to a friend...

It's true  you can get a huge list of WiFi AP and connect to them ( only if you have the WEP/WPA key ! )
but what make me don't suggester it, it's the fake body it use and poor quality
after opening it to have a look inside i find out that the tow antenna on the left and the right are not connected at all
ralink wireless rtl3070

So they are fake and there is no use for those  antenna at all!
but still the adapter can get you a huge list of WiFi access point and that's because of the special antenna in the front and it look like a satellite
High Power Wireless

you can check this video to see the inside of this adapter

i have tried inject and monitor mode with it but it Failed ...
if you want to use Diamond 980000N for packet capturing & Packet Sniffing it wont work the way you want, i couldn't capture the handshake of my own Wifi AP,
So even when it use ralink 3070 still it's not able to capture any packet
check this video  to see the adapter on a Comparison with wifly-city Ralink8187L  using Kali Linux

you can get Wifly-City 56G from here

For Best Quality get Alfa  awus036h  from here

Leave a comment , if you own Diamond 980000N and what is the best WiFi card you have ever you ?  
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  1. Thanks for the info brother....this is EXACTLY what I was looking for before I purchased the Diamond adapter+antenna.

    I've been using an adapter I purchased off of 5-6 years ago for my Kali Linux wifi hacking purposes....uhh, I mean testing purposes.

    It was one of the numerous clones that had the separate adapter and a mini-satellite dish looking antenna connected to the adapter via an SMA connector cord.

    I was wanting to buy another Kali compatible one, so I went back to and looked, but only saw 1 of the dish style antenna + adapters available, and it was A/B/G only so I was looking at other, more modern options.

    Googling around to see if the Diamond adapter+antenna was Kali compatible lead me here.

    You asked what I was using, so here is a link of the wifi adapter I use, a KASENS N8600 and 4 different SMA antenna's that I have used with it over the years.

    As you can see, the original dish antenna cracked at the base, so I had to switch to a different antenna. I work in IT, so I am around all sorts of computer gear, so I just gradually accumulated these antennas over time.

    I have to say, the adapter itself is a tank. I've been pretty much using it exclusively since I purchased it, and it has never let me down. I'm currently connected to the net with it, along with the Gigabyte antenna. It is hanging off the side of my metal case with the magnets.

    Alright, my search for a new Kali compatible wifi adapter+antenna continues. I think I'm just going to go basic bitch and get the Alfa, cause we KNOW that one works. Heck, I think its the one that Kali's authors directly recommend:

    Have a good one!