Hackode Android penetration tester

Hackode is an android app developed by Ravi Kumar for penetration testers
Hackode Android
Ethical hackers and cyber security professionals. It contains various modules including Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploits and Security Feed
This Application contains different tools like:

       Google Hacking
       Whois Lookup
       MX Records
       DNS Dig
       Tools to be added Soon
*Security Feed
      Security news

With some of the modules like Reconnaissance you are able to do some tasks like Google Hacking, allowing you to find the vulnerability from sites using the google dorks.
This Application is still in beta version.

Options Available In Reconnaissance Module
 Google Hacking
 Whois Lookup

Google Hacking
This module allows you to find the vulnerable sites using Google dorks
SQL Injection
MySQL Server
Login Portals

Tap on the "PhpMyAdmin" button... It will open up a Google search result containing vulnerable sites. This Google dork allows you bypass the admin username and password. You can get information schema tables of vulnerable websites by using this Google query.

The "PhpConfig" button is to get a Google search result containing vulnerable sites that a may allow attackers to include malicious remote files (php remote file include vulnerability).

SQL Injection:
The "SQL Injection" button allows you to get a search result containing sites vulnerable to SQL injection attacks.

MySQL Server:
It allows you to get a search result that may help you to get sensitive information of the target MySQL server, uid and password in web.config through ftp.

Login Portals:
It allows you to get a search result that contains simple SAMLphp login pages.

It allows you to get files containing SQL instructions where the administrator set a password for a database user.
Google hacking part is over

Who Is Lookup
Who Is Lookup - This module allows you to gather information about a domain name. Who Is LookUp will provide you the information about the owner of the site, created date, IP addresses, email etc.

Tools available in Scanning
This module helps you to find basic information about the target. It contains the following options for information gathering.

It allows you to test the reachability of a host and to measure the round trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination device.

It allows you to identify the intermediate devices and the connection speed.

Mx Record:
It allows you to get information about the target's mail server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a recipient's domain.

DNS Dig:
It can be used to find Information about the target website's DNS server.

Donwload This Tool From Google Store

Make sure to Check  Intercepter-NG v2.0 for Android

November 27, 2015



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