fix Operation not possible due to RF-kill

how to fix Operation not possible due to RF-kill in kali linux
first of all i like to keep thing simple and write like i'm talking to my friends
things will be so simple cause it is really simple :) let's go to work now :P

Operation not possible due to RF-kill
what case this error is your network card it's "soft-blocked" in most case
This could happen when the wireless card has been signalled to switch-off via the kernel
to make sure if your card is soft-blocked

type this commend :
sudo rfkill list

you will get something like you see in the photo and yes mine is blocked so if there is yes next to Soft blocked
stay with us and we will fix it together :)
follow this simple steps:
    run in a terminal:
  sudo rfkill unblock wifi
    sudo rfkill unblock all
    rerun sudo rfkill list to confirm that the card has been unblocked.

 airodump-ng wlan0
 airodump-ng mon0
 airodump-ng mon1
 airodump-ng wlan0mon
ioctl(SIOCSIFFLAGS) failed: Operation not possible due to RF-kill

i hope this fixed the problem, have a great time playing  the hack game ;)
leave a comment , ask for help and i'm more then happy to help
August 23, 2015


  1. this simple fix worked for me:

    $sudo rfkill block bluetooth
    $sudo rfkill unblock wifi

    or you could update the wifi firmware i.e.

    tar xzf iwlwifi-3945-ucode-

    cd iwlwifi-3945-ucode-

    sudo cp iwlwifi-3945-2.ucode /lib/firmware

  2. parabéns!!!! tinha esse problema e só voçe deu uma solução simples!!!

    1. Estou feliz que você encontrou o que precisa aqui :)

  3. Just to mention my solution to rfkill error.

    pressing keys Fn+F5 puts all cards off & i get a rfkill error. Then i just press Fn+F5 again an after 4 seconds everything's back to normal.

  4. Thanku so much :) I'm new to kali linux and facing too much problems glad I found your website.... my problems getting fixed :)


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