install kali linux on usb

How To install Kali Linux on USB
having Kali Linux live USB is great Idea
having this great system with you wherever you go is the great idea we are talking about,
what would be greater more then having all the tools you need in your pocket ?
The article describes how to quickly install Kali Linux on a USB flash drive from under various operating systems. We will work from Windows.

The installation process is extremely simple and does not require special training.

Why do you need it?
  • Now you should not bother about the question of how and where to install the system. Whether to use a virtual machine or wipe the Windows bootloader.
  • Your Kali Linux will always be at hand, turning any computer you have at hand into the tool you need.
  • Whatever went wrong, nothing will suffer except a flash drive, which is formatted in seconds.
  • Immediately after working with Cali in this form, you will notice how much the system has accelerated.
  • Significantly simplified work with built-in wireless adapters and much more ...
During installation, the following will be used:
  • a flash drive with a capacity of at least 8 GB (otherwise there may simply not be enough space after the update procedure)
  • image of Kali Linux 2019.X and a lot of free time, as well as a free machine for a couple of days
  •  universal USB installers
When trying Kali Linux for penetration testing, it is hard to install on HDD suddenly you can do that but the thing is you may want to use a different Linux distribution, and maybe you just want to use Windows!  therefore notebook, PCs can boot from  live USB in many cases, so if you burn Kali Linux ISO image to USB memory and start up in Live mode, you wont really need to dual boot your computer
kali linux bootable usb

most of you maybe already know how to create a bootable USB, but let me do some enlightenment for those who don't know how to create bootable to make a Kali live USB on Windows.
before we start you need

install kali linux on usb
You can use almost any utility to create a bootable Kali flash drive. Consider the example of universal USB installer. Despite the name, it will perfectly cope with Kali Linux - and will be able to test the ready media for uptime.
now after we downloaded universal USB installer and we have the USB flash ready
open USB installer
kali linux usb
  • Step 1: Choose Kali Linux to put on our USB
  • Step 2: Locate the kali linux iso
  • Step 3: Select the USB drive letter and check the format drive to make sure we clean up all the content of our USB
Click Create

3. A pop up alert window will appear. Make sure we check again if there's something wrong or missing. Click Yes to start the bootable usb creation process.
kali linux live usb
4. Now we need to wait for the application to accomplish the tasks. The time taken is depend with which distro or O.S we want to create.
kali linux live

When finished, just click Close and our USB is ready to boot.
Now Kali Linux Live is installed on the USB stick. Just insert the USB flash drive into your computer and boot from it.
To boot from USB you have to setup Boot order it's very easy
just restart your computer
click F12 to change the boot device
change the USB order into number one to boot from the USB.
and that's it now you have your kali linux usb should be working :)

Kali Linux
February 27, 2015


  1. This is the best way to install kali linux in usb
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