WiFi TX Power cause heating and disconnects

in this post i will show you how to fix the heating problems of WiFi USB adapters , you can read the store or you can just move to the photos for the fix 
The TX Power of a WiFi adapter can Increase Signal Strength and that mean a better internet and more access point in the List !
usb wifi heating

but you may get your adapter dameged from heat ,a high TX power case so much heat , the higher your TXpower is the hotter the adapter will get , so if we play with the TX power of the adapter we may face a new problem and it's the heat of that adapter and that what happen to me ! 
my WiFi adapter is wifly-city 54G  the TX power of it should go as high as 30 dBm
in windows 7 its working in an auto mood for the TX power and it's not going higher then 10 dbm and sometime even its down to 1 dbm but the good thing is that the internet is working fine most of the time maybe that's cause the AP is close to me but what if i want to connect to a far AP  !
on Kali Linux The TX power is set to 20 dbm and after a few minute in Kali the internet go down and i got disconnected for no Reason... will that what i was thinking its just Kali Linux have bad drives for my adapter, but when i try to change the TX power in Windows 7  and i did change it from 10 dbm to 30 dbm  the adapter stooped working after few second's so i change the TX power to 20 and yet the same thing it's not connecting anymore...
here i remember Kali Linux and yes it's the same thing here and there so the TX power is behind all of this..
i wanted to check my wifi adapter chips is it hot ? i could not keep my finger on it it's way too hot
so here i start thinking how to fix the heating problem and here is the way i did that , now i will leave you with the photos :)

so here is my WiFi adapter
wifly-city 52G

open your WiFi case and look for the chips , here is a photo of The chips
RTL8181L chips
as you can see it's RTL8181L chips and it's great for Kali Linux OS
number 1 is the chips
number 2 it's a mark i made to know where i should cut the case

i make a line because this is all what i need but you may need to cut more then just a line its about the hear sink you are going to install
now after we got everything ready and as you see i cut the case and i put the aluminum part
here i am using the aluminum to take the heat and work like a  Heat sink ..
the Heat sink of such proportions can be found in many electronic devices or may cut a big Heat sink,or you can just buy it... I'm not using a Heat sink here but i have my own plan
here is a pic for heat sink if you don't know it...

 so you have to place the heat sink over the Chips but before placing the heat sink you need to put  heat sink tape and that can be found on computer shops, but i did not have a  heat sink tape  so i used a masticate ! yes a masticate, it must be without sugar... the one is used is trident

heatsink for wifi adapter
you can see how i place the masticate over the chip and there where you should do but if you was using a heat sink tape then you should place it all over the chip then you place the heat sink over the masticate or over the heat sink tape ...

with this step's  your adapter is ready to be used with high TX power without problems ..
and mine so , but i will add a fan to it because it's really hot over here..
this is the final look for my new Modified WiFi adapter

alfa usb 30 dbm
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WiFi Adapter
June 25, 2014


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