Fix Kali Linux Something has gone wrong

how to Fix Kali Linux Oh no Something has gone wrong
i have this killer issue when you try to startx Kali Linux after installing it in PC   Oh No something went wrong
First i did the installing from DVD and after i finished installing it I got this massage *Oh no! Something has gone wrong *
Then i did try from USB  and The same issue Still here
And by the way before trying to install it in the hard disk it was not working from Live CD or USB
When ever the system try to load it take about 3 minutes trying to find drive for some USB device   
SO i was installing it the right way but the issue is with my hardware ...
and as i saw in the loading time  it keep trying to load some files  for USB device  so i disconnect all the USB Device but yet i still get the same massage ...
The issue comes  from a USB Card reader that is connected to the motherboard  
after i did remove the cable of that card reader from motherboard the system "Kali Linux" started fine and i did many restart to be sure that its working and yes its working

This is the Device that was making This issue
All in One USB 2.0 Card Reader

So for everyone who facing this issue try removing all USB device and if you have any card reader remove it too
i hope this will work for you
Kali Linux
June 13, 2014



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