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best laptop for Kali Linux

Being a hacker in the 21st century is now fashionable, as these guys have a lot of opportunities.
The best laptop for hacking depends on what you really want to do with that laptop ?
Being in the niche of hacking and penetration is not a simple task, and largely depends on your skills. Do you want to connect to a WiFi point or attack a internal network , perform pentesting let's just say you are a ethical hacking, Another benefit of  pentesting laptop it will be used s a portable hacking station , and just using a laptop as a remote access connection will also not be amiss.
Again, it all depends on what you wan to do. And anyway, let's figure out where to start and what requirements of the laptop will be associated with hacking.
best laptop for hacking

What the best laptop for pentesting have ?
Performance is the main aspect, as most hacker activities require a lot of processor resources. To do this, you must be sure that you have the minimum requirement to run your hacking programs. We will not call them, since we are sure that you are already an experienced hacker who can cope with the search for the necessary information about hacks, etc.

If you are going to crack passwords from a laptop, we recommend using a modern processor based on i5 or i7. These processors have several cores, which will allow you to work faster. If you have a good budget, then you can purchase a Xeon processor. Just do not forget to check your programs for multi-threading before buying, otherwise you will spend your money in vain on buying a multi-core processor, which in the end will not work at full capacity. If your programs have GPU support, you can take a laptop with the latest GPU, since these processors easily surpass traditional processor cores for most hacker applications.

I would like to say about the amount of disk space on the laptop. If you do not need a large volume, but at the same time you want fast work, we recommend buying a laptop with an SSD drive. These discs allow you to run programs instantly, without feeling the brakes.
Depending on your requirements, the choice of RAM memory will also depend. If you want to use the laptop without Virtual machines, you can get by with 8 GB of RAM. As experience suggests, the processor will be more dependent on hacker tasks if the RAM.

However, if your hacking technique requires running virtual machines, then RAM will certainly be a valuable commodity. Virtual machines require a lot of resources., you can buy a laptop that will even have 16 GB of RAM.
Sometimes even hacking methods are not as important as compactness. This is due to the fact that now hackers have become smarter and use desktop computers or even servers, which are connected via remote access using a laptop. Therefore, it is better to invest money in a computer that will be at home. It will come out cheaper. But with a laptop everything is different here, here you need to focus on the battery and the weight of the device.

If the laptop will not have very powerful components, then it will start to use less energy, which will allow the battery to last longer, thereby your laptop will hold a charge for a long time. Processors with a lower clock speed (in GHz) will reduce heat and prevent battery consumption during fan operation. The entry-level graphics card is suitable for most major games and saves significant energy compared to the high-performance Nvidia. If you want the battery to not discharge quickly, then invest in an SSD drive, which is very energy efficient than traditional drives that rotate heavy disks at a speed of 7–10,000 rpm.

how to choose a wireless router

how to choose a wireless  router
Now it is difficult to imagine a house in which there would be no WiFi router. Wireless access to the Internet is not a luxury, but first of all - the need for modernity, because sometimes you have to work or study not only in the room where the modem is located. It is also convenient for recreation. You can get acquainted with the content of interest from anywhere in the house. But in order to feel all the benefits of WiFi, it is important to consciously make a choice of a router , especially since there are a lot of similar devices on the market.

Parameters for wireless  router selection
When a buyer comes to the store to buy an inexpensive and productive router for the house, the consultant tries to "shove" what needs to be sold soon. And some even advise is not a cheap product, which, moreover, will not be useful. Therefore, before buying, it is better to study some characteristics that will help you choose a suitable router for specific requirements.

The most important parameters which you should pay attention to ensure stable and fast connection , are as follows:
  1. The type of a WAN port is a characteristic on which it depends whether the device is suitable for installation in a particular apartment. The choice of WAN type depends on the home Internet, the type of its connection. Here you can tell which router is better to buy, can employees from the company’s provider. Depending on the type of connection, you need to select a device:

    • Ethernet is the best solution for those who are connected to the worldwide system not through a telephone, but through a cable. This type is supported by almost all routers.
    • ADSL - a router that can be connected to the cable, let down from the phone.
    • 3G / 4G router - USB ports are necessary for their successful functioning. Routers with 3G / 4G modem support provide better coverage and data transfer speeds.
  2. Data transfer rate A very cheap router, cannot provide a speed of more than 150 Mbit/s. This is not enough even for home use, if more than 2 devices are connected at the same time. For example, the best router for large house should operate at a speed of 300 Mbit /s.
  3. For stable use of a signal by several devices, it is better to use a router with support for dual WiFI bands, that is, frequencies of 5 and 2.4 GHz. Such models are more expensive, but also work better.
  4. how to choose a wireless router
  5. Radius of action. To cover a large country house with a stable connection, a more powerful router is needed than for a one-room apartment. In addition, it is necessary to take into account not only the area of ​​the room, but also the thickness of the walls, as well as the presence of additional obstacles. In this case, you need to pay attention to
    • the number of antennas - the more of them, the larger the area covered by the router
    • Antenna power 5dBi is the best option .
  6. WiFi standards. Pay attention to the support of WiFi protocols. To date, 802.11 ac is considered the fastest and most modern. But here you also need to make sure that your devices that you plan to connect to the wireless network support this standard.

best wifi router for home

Best WiFi routers for home
Best WiFi routers for home
In our homes, more and more equipment that requires access to the network appears. Just plugging the provider's cable into the PC, as before, is no longer enough - to distribute the Internet to computers, laptops, smartphones and other devices, you will need a WiFi router, also known as a router.  what is the Best routers for home These small boxes with "horns" (or without - antennas can be built-in) can vary greatly in their capabilities and price. Unprepared person no wonder get confused. We decided to ease the task and picked up the most interesting models for different thickness of the wallet. Below you will also find general recommendations for choosing a router for an apartment.

TP Link Archer C2300 Review

TPLink Archer C2300 Overview
When there are many different devices in the house, where besides visiting websites and social networking sites they watch videos, play online games or download files, the performance of the router may not be enough. This primarily applies to budget routers. For a stable and fast connection, even under load, you need a powerful and productive router. For example, such as TP Link Archer C2300. You can't call it exactly budgetary, it costs about $ 170. But it is two times cheaper than some top models. And the performance and functionality in it is more than enough for home use.

TP Link Archer C2300 is based on a powerful processor. Of course, it supports the standard WiFi 802.11ac, equipped with gigabit ports, two USB ports and HomeCare security system. There is support for the functions Beamforming, MU-MIMO, Range Boost, etc. The software functionality of the router is very rich. It has a multilingual web interface and there is support for cloud functions.

Appearance and equipment
I decided to start the review of TP Link Archer C2300 not with the technical specifications, as I usually do, but with the delivery set and appearance. The router comes in a nice box with all the basic information about the device.
Everything is packed fairly securely. All glossy parts are covered with a protective film
Standard equipment : a router, antennas (they are removable) , power adapter, network cable and instructions.
TP-Link Archer C2300 Router
Almost the entire body is made of high-quality matte plastic. The top cover is divided into two parts. The first is made of matte plastic with an unusual texture and holes for ventilation, and the second of glossy plastic (which is understandably very dirty and scratched) . There are silver plastic inserts that perfectly complement the TP Link company logo of the same color. Indicators are located on top and highlighted with a special bar. They can be seen only when TP Link Archer C2300 is on. The lower part of the silver strip is a button for turning off the indicators. But I do not quite understand why this button is needed, because the indicators are very dim, even in the dark.


The main requirements of home networks impose on wireless routers are stable operation, good wireless coverage, and basic functionality. This was exactly the model created by ASUS RT AC1200G +. Consider it more!
asus rt ac1200g review

ASUS USB AC56 WiFi adapter Review

Overview and testing of asus usb ac56
asus usb ac56 review
Wireless networks are developing by leaps and bounds. If recently USB WiFi adapters could only provide normal speed for work and on the Internet, then today the range of their capabilities has greatly expanded. For example, you can connect to the file storage and without long waiting to download or copy large files or play a Blu Ray movie directly from the storage. ASUS presents the fastest solutions before anyone else and today we look at the USB 3.0 WiFi 802.11ac adapter ASUS USB AC56.

The main features of this ASUS USB AC56 WiFi USB card is that it incorporates a selectable dual band with WiFi AC technology. In the 2.4GHz band we can achieve up to 400Mbps of speed thanks to its two antennas in MIMO 2T2R configuration and TurboQAM technology from Broadcom. Regarding the 5GHz band we can get up to 867Mbps of speed thanks to the MIMO 2T2R and WiFi AC technology.

This equipment incorporates all the features of the WiFi AC standard, such as support for 80MHz channel width, 256QAM quadrature frequency modulation and also Beamforming technology.
With  Beamforming we can achieve greater wireless coverage, which translates into a higher wireless speed. Therefore we are facing a WiFi AC1300 (dual band).

Make raspberry pi router

Raspberry pi router must not only distribute the Internet from the Ethernet port, but also from one WiFi adapter to another. This is very useful when traveling. For example, in a hotel it is easy to be in a room where a local access point finishes up badly. A powerful WiFi adapter will even catch a weak signal and distribute it to all available tablets and phones. It can also help save money where Internet charges are taken from each device separately.
raspberry pi router
Appearance of the router on the Raspberry pi with adapters Asus N14 and NoName Wifi adapter
What you need:
  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. Wifi adapter

Alfa awus036ach review

The AWUS036ACH adapter is a dual-band USB wireless adapter operating at extremely long distances. An excellent, sensitive and powerful adapter - Must have for every Pentester .
Alfa awus036ach

alfa Awus036ACH is designed according to the latest standards of 802.11ac wireless connections, thanks to which it can reach a maximum speed of up to 867 Mbps.
This adapter is ideal for work in places with difficult signal reception conditions where it is required to ensure maximum data transfer speed with minimum delay.

Installing Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

This article is about installing Raspbian on Raspberry Pi 3. If you follow all the steps one by one, it's a piece of cake. There are different Linux distributions available, we choose Raspbian on Raspberry Pi . Raspbian is a Linux distribution that has been developed for educational purposes and is optimized for the different models of the Raspberry Pi .Raspbian is a fork from Debian that can be installed as a live system on an SD card or a microSD card. The first version of Raspbian was released in July 2012 as a replacement for the Debian Squeeze version for ARM processors, previously used by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Preparation Sd card for Raspberry Pi
Download the SDFormatter V5.0 program and format the micro SD card. Although an 8 GB card is sufficient, I advise you to take a 16 GB card. In terms of price there is not much difference, the advantage is that you never run out of space. Make sure you take a decent card (Class 10 / UHS-I), such as a Sandisk or Samsung. SD cards from 32 GB can cause problems when booting the Raspberry Pi .
installing raspbian
Download the Win32 Disk Imager program and an image from Raspian Stretch . Extract the Raspian image and write the image with Win32 Disk Imager to the SD card.

Install Domoticz on a Raspberry Pi

1. What is Domoticz? 
This is an open source multi-platform software focused on creating a smart home control system. It supports a large number of different devices from different vendors.

1. Use Class 10 SD card. ( microsd for raspberry pi )
2. Are you using Class 10 SD card? This is important!
3. Download the Domoticz SD image for your spare time.
4. Unzip. SD image is included.
5. Write the image to the SD card.
6. Turn off the Raspberry Pi
7. Insert an SD card into your pie and connect a mouse, keyboard, Ethernet cable and monitor. Finally, connect to a micro USB power supply. This action will turn on and launch your raspberry pie.
Install Domoticz with the following command:
sudo curl -L | sudo bash
After the software has been installed, the installation will start and a number of questions will be asked. Answer this and then the installation will be completed. At the end there is an overview:

Best sd card for Raspberry Pi

The microSD card is a necessary item for Raspberry Pi, There are many micro-SD cards on the market but many of those cards have compatibility issues. we made a list for the best raspberry pi sd card we know about and tasted .
Raspberry Pi is gaining more and more popularity among programmers and constructors around the world. This simple layout with great possibilities is used in almost all fields for both education and production of extremely advanced schemes - so it is worth to ensure that the memory of the structure offers a satisfying capacity.
sd card for Raspberry Pi

The kind of memory that has been around for a long time, as some products have a guarantee of compatibility. Some of them are initially defective and difficult to identify, but we can not rely on luck alone.

Asus USB AC68 Wireless USB Adapter

asus usb ac68 review Wireless USB Adapter with 802.11ac Support
Many modern top-end routers have access points that support connection speeds of 450/600 and 1300 Mbps in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, respectively, which is provided by using three antennas and supporting the 802.11n and 802.11ac protocols. But with the choice of customers, the situation is much more complicated. If we talk about the adapters built into smartphones and tablets, then most often they have only one antenna (up to 150/433 Mbit / s), in rare cases - two (up to 300/867 Mbit / s). Little different and the choice in laptops, although there is occasionally possible to find a configuration with three antennas. Unfortunately, the MU-MIMO technology advertised for several years, designed to make more efficient use of wireless communications, remains in an uncertain state in terms of the availability of client devices supporting it in the market.