November 2016

Programming language rankings TOP-10 2016 latest comparison
Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2017
top 10 programming languages
One of the most asked question those days is What programming language should I learn?
In fact, this is a very important choice you have to make.
You don’t want to fail that’s why you have to make the right choice
"The choice of programming language will determine your future engineering life"
The failure pattern that is actually:
  • hurdle of the chosen language is too high, that make you give up on the way
  • You are not able to do what you really wanted when you start learning, you are not able to program what you want
  • There is no demand for the language you choose
So this article was written to help you chose the right Programming language to start with
from the viewpoint that it is easy to get started, various application development can be done, and it will be useful for change and independence!
Reading this will not only deepen your knowledge of programming languages, but also you will definitely see the programming language you should learn, so be sure to check it out
"Getting Started with recommended programming language "

Intercepter-NG v2.0 is an Android penetration testing app.
by using Intercepter-NG you will be able to intercept and analyze un-encrypted communications over WiFi network.

Intercepter-NG is a network toolkit for various types of IT specialists and an easy-to-use application to intercept communication.
it's an MiTM attacks tool , you can perform different kinds of MiTM attacks using this android app

  1. Android 2.3.3+
  2. Root
  3. Busybox
Intercepter-NG v2.0 Features:
  • Intercept communications.
  • Analyze data packets.
  • Hijack sessions. ( cookie hijacking )
Session hijacking, also known as TCP session hijacking and cookie hijacking , is a method of taking over a Web user session by surreptitiously obtaining the session ID and masquerading as the authorized user.
  • SSL Strip connections.
SSLStrip is a type of MITM attack that forces a user browser into communicating with an adversary in plain-text over HTTP, it simply watch for HTTPS links and redirects, then map those links into look-alike HTTP
  • Monitor target's web activity
  •  ARP Poisoning
ARP stand for “Address Resolution Protocol” this type of attack sends falsified ARP messages over a local area network to link the attacker MAC address with the IP address of a legitimate computer or server on the network.
  •  Network Discovery with OS Detection
  •  Network Traffic Analysis
  •  Passwords Recovery
  •  Files Recovery

1. Download Intercepter-NG V2.0 from Github
2. Install Busybox from Google Store 
Remember your Android phone must be rooted

2. Install and open the app click on the Radar icon in the upper left corner of IntercepterNG.
IntercepterNG Android
3.After you click on the radar icon It will scan the network and list all the connected  devices 
Intercepter-NG list

4. Now select the Devices you want to spy on from the list  , it will show the operating system next to the IP address 
Intercepter-NG Android hacking app

5. Click the Play icon on the top right then  Select the Settings icon
Now tick the check box of  Save pcap session and change the memory location to SD Card if you want the file to be saved on your SD card.
Intercepter-NG Android
6.Return to main menu and then select the play button
now it will start downloading packs
Android wifi hacking

7. To see graphical capturing of data click the Wireshark icon click the play button 

Android Wireshark
8.  Click the cookies icon and wait for the cookies to load then select any one of the IP shown it will load the web page your victim are in.

Watch YouTube Video to see the app in use

Last update : 26.09.2016 - Intercepter-NG [Android Edition] v2.0
+ Select\Copy packet data in RAW Mode
+ Pcap filter on reading *.pcap
+ Save cookie button
+ Show HTTP Requests
+ HTTP Injects
+ ARP Cage
A lot of improvements and fixes
- Resurrection\Gallery
Tested on 4/5/6/7 Android. Should also work on 2/3.

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