There is Growing demand for computer experts who can perform ethical hacking work due to the increased use of the Internet. However, it is not easy to become a ethical hacker without the basic knowledge of computer and network security,
Best Hacking Books

it's difficult for beginners to become a hacker, without learning from proper sources, so experts recommend always to start reading book's about networking and hacking to know what you are really doing and how to do it the right way.
hacking is like an art and it's really easy to learn once you start in the right place,
taking your first step into ethical hacking may seem difficult but once you take that step things will become easy and it will feel like you just break a huge wall that was holding you from entering this exciting art,

how to hack wifi password kali linux tutorial 
recently, most "noob" are looking for an easy wireless networks hacking WiFi,
Perhaps now the best wifi cracker for beginners is airgeddon .
Airgeddon in semi-automatic cycle guides you through all the stages: from the translation of the wireless card in monitor mode, through the choice of target and capture of 4 way handshake to crack passwords WiFi crack.
YouTube Video :  how to hack wifi password using airgeddon
how to hack wifi password
airgeddon Installation
Installing airgeddon bash script can be performed in any Linux, but the script itself require other packages (dependence). All of them are already available in distributions like Kali Linux and BlackArch. When you start the script it will check for all the packages and give you result with the missing packages, still it can work fine if some of them are missing …
For example, in Kali Linux 2016.2 those tow packages were missing

Programming language rankings TOP-10 2016 latest comparison
Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2017
top 10 programming languages
One of the most asked question those days is What programming language should I learn?
In fact, this is a very important choice you have to make.
You don’t want to fail that’s why you have to make the right choice
"The choice of programming language will determine your future engineering life"
The failure pattern that is actually:
  • hurdle of the chosen language is too high, that make you give up on the way
  • You are not able to do what you really wanted when you start learning, you are not able to program what you want
  • There is no demand for the language you choose
So this article was written to help you chose the right Programming language to start with
from the viewpoint that it is easy to get started, various application development can be done, and it will be useful for change and independence!
Reading this will not only deepen your knowledge of programming languages, but also you will definitely see the programming language you should learn, so be sure to check it out
"Getting Started with recommended programming language "

Intercepter-NG v2.0 is an Android penetration testing app.
by using Intercepter-NG you will be able to intercept and analyze un-encrypted communications over WiFi network.

Intercepter-NG is a network toolkit for various types of IT specialists and an easy-to-use application to intercept communication.
it's an MiTM attacks tool , you can perform different kinds of MiTM attacks using this android app

  1. Android 2.3.3+
  2. Root
  3. Busybox
Intercepter-NG v2.0 Features:
  • Intercept communications.
  • Analyze data packets.
  • Hijack sessions. ( cookie hijacking )
Session hijacking, also known as TCP session hijacking and cookie hijacking , is a method of taking over a Web user session by surreptitiously obtaining the session ID and masquerading as the authorized user.
  • SSL Strip connections.
SSLStrip is a type of MITM attack that forces a user browser into communicating with an adversary in plain-text over HTTP, it simply watch for HTTPS links and redirects, then map those links into look-alike HTTP
  • Monitor target's web activity
  •  ARP Poisoning
ARP stand for “Address Resolution Protocol” this type of attack sends falsified ARP messages over a local area network to link the attacker MAC address with the IP address of a legitimate computer or server on the network.
  •  Network Discovery with OS Detection
  •  Network Traffic Analysis
  •  Passwords Recovery
  •  Files Recovery

1. Download Intercepter-NG V2.0 from Github
2. Install Busybox from Google Store 
Remember your Android phone must be rooted

2. Install and open the app click on the Radar icon in the upper left corner of IntercepterNG.
IntercepterNG Android
3.After you click on the radar icon It will scan the network and list all the connected  devices 
Intercepter-NG list

4. Now select the Devices you want to spy on from the list  , it will show the operating system next to the IP address 
Intercepter-NG Android hacking app

5. Click the Play icon on the top right then  Select the Settings icon
Now tick the check box of  Save pcap session and change the memory location to SD Card if you want the file to be saved on your SD card.
Intercepter-NG Android
6.Return to main menu and then select the play button
now it will start downloading packs
Android wifi hacking

7. To see graphical capturing of data click the Wireshark icon click the play button 

Android Wireshark
8.  Click the cookies icon and wait for the cookies to load then select any one of the IP shown it will load the web page your victim are in.

Watch YouTube Video to see the app in use

Last update : 26.09.2016 - Intercepter-NG [Android Edition] v2.0
+ Select\Copy packet data in RAW Mode
+ Pcap filter on reading *.pcap
+ Save cookie button
+ Show HTTP Requests
+ HTTP Injects
+ ARP Cage
A lot of improvements and fixes
- Resurrection\Gallery
Tested on 4/5/6/7 Android. Should also work on 2/3.

JSQL injection Tool
JSQL injection Kali linux

SQL injection refers to an injection attack in which the attacker adds malicious SQL statements
to a Web form input box to gain access to resources or make changes to data
SQL Injection is very common with PHP and ASP applications due to the prevalence of older functional interfaces. Due to the nature of programmatic interfaces available, J2EE and ASP.NET applications are less likely to have easily exploited SQL injections.
this vulnerability could possibly affect any website or web application that makes use of an SQL-based database, The risk of SQL injection exploits is on the rise because of automated tools
SQL injection is not being done manually anymore and there is so many tools that do the job automatically which put thousands and thousands of website at the risk of SQL injection
one of the automated tools is jSQL Injection

Diamond 980000N High Power Wireless Adapter USB Wifi lan card

Diamond 980000N High Gain Powerful 38DBI 3800mw is using ralink wireless rtl3070 chips
rtl3070 dose support  inject and monitor mode ... but what about diamond !!!

with this adapter you can get a huge list of Wifi access point, the signal is stronger then many other cards on the market, but it's not the best you can get,
I got this card just to check it and after testing it, no i would never buy it or suggester it to a friend...

It's true  you can get a huge list of WiFi AP and connect to them ( only if you have the WEP/WPA key ! )
but what make me don't suggester it, it's the fake body it use and poor quality
after opening it to have a look inside i find out that the tow antenna on the left and the right are not connected at all
ralink wireless rtl3070

So they are fake and there is no use for those  antenna at all!
but still the adapter can get you a huge list of WiFi access point and that's because of the special antenna in the front and it look like a satellite
High Power Wireless

you can check this video to see the inside of this adapter

i have tried inject and monitor mode with it but it Failed ...
if you want to use Diamond 980000N for packet capturing & Packet Sniffing it wont work the way you want, i couldn't capture the handshake of my own Wifi AP,
So even when it use ralink 3070 still it's not able to capture any packet
check this video  to see the adapter on a Comparison with wifly-city Ralink8187L  using Kali Linux

you can get Wifly-City 56G from here

For Best Quality get Alfa  awus036h  from here

Leave a comment , if you own Diamond 980000N and what is the best WiFi card you have ever you ?  

The most essential Linux commands
Keep this Linux cheat sheet on your desk printed,
it will help you to learn them quick and become a Linux expert very soon.
Click on the image to open at full size
linux commands list

File Commands
1) The ls Linux command lists files and directories within the current working directory.
ls - directory listing ls -al - formatted listing with hidden files
2) The cd Linux command changes the current directory in Linux and can toggle between directories conveniently.
cd dir - change directory to dir cd - change to home
3) The pwd Linux command (print working directory) command displays the name of the current working directory.
pwd - show current directory
4) The mkdir (make directory) command is used to make a new directory.
mkdir dir - create directory dir

This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU.

Trying to install kali linux or ubuntu on Oracle VirtualBox or VMware ?
but when running the virtual machine you got this message  " This kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detected an i686 CPU. Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU ".
as someone asked on my Youtube Video about Installing Kali linux on VMware
this kernel requires an x86 64 cpu

1) There is many case you are receiving this message for but the most common one can be fixed from your bios settings on intel CPU you have to enable " Intel Virtualization Technology "  and on AMD CPU you have to enable "AMD V" this will simply fix this error

how to enable Virtualization Technology
  1. Power on your computer and open the BIOS by pressing the delete key or F1 key or F2 or Alt and F4 keys it depend on the system you have.
  2. Open the Processor submenu The processor settings menu may be in the Chipset, Advanced CPU Configuration or Northbridge.
  3. Enable Intel Virtualization Technology (also known as Intel VT) or AMD-V depending on the brand of the processor

A Darknet is an overlay network that can only be accessed with specific software, configurations, or authorization, often using non-standard communications protocols and ports.

The Dark Net, Deep Net or The Hidden Internet are anonymous that means you will not be able to know the website owner or to who the website belongs too, Over the usual Internet,
A non-indexed website owner or website developer can be tracked by doing some Internet searches or wondering to different sites. However, web pages on the Dark Net or say Dark Web are using the TOR (The Onion Router) network and the foundation of the TOR is to include numerous nodes, so the source is not traceable.

The Deep Web and the Darknet
Most people are confused about what exactly the Darknet is. Firstly, the Darknet is sometimes confused with the Deep Web. 'Deep Web' refers to all parts of the Internet which cannot be indexed by search engines, and so can't be found through Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so forth. Experts believe that this Deep Web is hundreds of times larger than the 'surface Web' (i.e., the internet you can easily get to from Google).

Birth of the Darknet
October 29, 1969
Charley Kline, a student at the University of California, Los Angeles, types out the first message between computers connected by ARPANET, the Internet progenitor developed by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
Darknets were able to receive data from ARPANET but had addresses that did not appear in the network lists and would not answer pings or other inquiries.
Just a few years later, a number of isolated, secretive networks begin to appear alongside ARPANET. Some eventually become known as "Darknets."

Birth of The Onion Router
September 20, 2002
Researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory release an early version of Tor ("The Onion Router"), which conceals the location and IP address of users who download the software. Originally designed to protect the identity of American operatives and dissidents in repressive countries like China, Tor also has another natural constituency: denizens of the darknet.
As of 2015 "The Darknet" is often used interchangeably with the dark web due to the quantity of hidden services on Tor's darknet. The term is often used inaccurately and interchangeably with the deep web search due to Tor's history as a platform that could not be search indexed. Mixing uses of both of these terms has been described as inaccurate, with some commentators recommending the terms be used in distinct fashions
Currency of the darknet
Bitcoin plays an important role throughout the Darknet. Since staying anonymous is key, Bitcoin is the only currency you can pay with there. Unlike the “normal” web almost every other website has the “Bitcoin accepted” sign displayed on it.  Because of Bitcoin’s pseudo-anonymous nature, it’s the perfect currency to power such an ecosystem.

on January 3, 2009 A man calling himself Satoshi Nakamoto "mines" the first Bitcoin, a form of untraceable cryptocurrency. Unlike previous digital currencies that failed because there was nothing to prevent users from literally copying their money, Bitcoin makes use of an innovative public accounting ledger that prevents double spending. Unsurprisingly, the cryptocurrency is an instant hit in the darknet, its anonymity making it a perfect tool for money laundering and criminal activity.

1 Bitcoin equals 468.53 US Dollar as of 28/may/2016

The Uses of Darknet
Darknets in general may be used for various reasons, such as:
To better protect the privacy rights of citizens from targeted and mass surveillance
Protecting dissidents from political reprisal
Whistleblowing and news leaks
Computer crime (hacking, file corruption etc.)
Sale of restricted goods on Darknet markets
File sharing (porography, confidential files, illegal or counterfeit software etc.)

Access the Darknet
All darknets network require specific software installed or network configurations made to access them
To access the hidden web you need two things – for starter The Onion Browser (also known as TOR Browser) that can access dot onion pages and a search engine or web page that can help you to search the dark web.

Recently there are many websites that are known as the deep web directories. Since they are hidden and are unable to search due to the reason that they are not listed correctly. Most of the links on such directories do not guide you where the link will lead to.

Here is some software used to access the darknet
1) Tor the most popular instance of a darknet
So what is Tor?
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.
The Tor network is a group of volunteer-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Tor's users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making a direct connection, thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy. Along the same line, Tor is an effective censorship circumvention tool, allowing its users to reach otherwise blocked destinations or content. Tor can also be used as a building block for software developers to create new communication tools with built-in privacy features.What is Tor?
Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security.

Other Popular Deep Web Technologies
I2P – This is an anonymity network which you may find slightly more techie to install and get running, but once you do there are some great tools and apps, including one to make it easier for you to set up your own hidden blog.

FAI (Free Anonymous Internet) – Based on blockchain technology, this network allows for the anonymous publishing and browsing of content and has a social network style homepage that lets you follow other users, share content with your followers, and tip the creators of content you like. FreeNet – One of the older and most highly regarded systems,

FreeNet combines deep web with DarkNet. This means that you can maintain a list of trusted peers and either connect to them only, or connect to them in preference to less trusted peers. As far as I know, this gives the highest level of privacy and security of any system, but does require a little more effort to make the most of.

ZeroNet – Based on torrent technology in combination with Bitcoin encryption, this is a new system which is not well developed but which I think holds promise for the future.

Is this safe to browse the Dark Net?
All safety depends on you. What you are looking for? You can create a private chat room where you can talk with your friends, or you can also hire a person for the  wet job(for the wrong work). It could be a journalist for exchanging of intelligence documentation, or someone selling illegal drugs. There are also websites that sell unlicensed weapons.
If you are willing to analyze the types  of sites that are accessible on the darknet, then a majority of web sites usually belongs to the Gangsters. Why, due to the fact that it gives you full anonymity. You will find some forum where people will be talking about suicides, murders and the odd things they did. And If you have a week heart than don’t even think to search that!

How to stay anonymous when surfing the Darknet
In order to access the Tor network you have to remain anonymous, this is not a request, it’s a prerequisite. This is done through a special web browser called, surprisingly enough, TOR. TOR stands for “The Onion Router”, it got its name from the fact that in order to reveal the core user of the browser you’ll have to peel a lot of layers off just like an onion.

You can use TOR to surf the pedestrian web (the everyday Internet you  know ) anonymously, or you can use it to access the Darknet.

Here’s the deal:
When you access the pedestrian Internet , you are directly communicating with websites. But when you’re accessing a website through TOR it’s like asking another user to ask another user to ask another user to fetch the webpage information for you. This is of course a over simplified explanation but the general idea is that communications bounce around a lot of different computers and it makes it very difficult to track who is actually viewing a website, sending an email or conducting any other action.

It also makes the Internet connection extremely slow, but for now here’s what you need to know about TOR:

It’s a free to download browser, The browser is built on top of the Firefox browser’s open source code so it’s pretty intuitive. Once you download and launch it it will connect you to the TOR network and you’re good to go.

TOR network was initially created by the US military to communicate anonymously. They still dump government files – not open to the general public – on the Darknet. Since the federal and other governments are themselves using the Darknet, they do not consider it feasible to order TOR to shut it down.

Additional security – using VPN
Although no one knows your identity when using TOR, some people like to add an additional layer of protection and connect to TOR through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The reason is, that even though you’re anonymous, you can still be identified as using TOR for “something”.

Important security steps when using the Darknet
Turn off running scripts in the TOR options (click the button just before the address bar). This is because most of the sites in Darknet are criminal in nature. If you land on one, they might want to trace you down. And scripts created using JavaScript can be dangerous if they manage to store something on your computer.

Think twice before you click any link as you do not know who operates the website and where any of these links lead to. Use only known directories to reach authenticated destinations.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING TO YOUR COMPUTER. No BitTorrents and no downloads as they may give away your actual IP when storing things to your computer.

This is not for you
In all likelihood, you’ll never need to venture into the Deep Web. The Surface Web contains all the services and tools the average person could ever want. You won’t find any streaming video services or social networks or corporate websites you will feel like you are using the internet on 1990 .
months ago few social networks  start to appear on the darknet but it's not yet that large and its not for your daily life ! it's a darknet social network ! can you imagine a social network that was made only for mafia men !

The Darknet is fraught with bogeymen just waiting for you to let down your guard.
you will be an easy target on the darknet for those who are waiting to catch the new victim ! don't be the victim everyone is looking for !

But if you ever do need the sanctity of secure communications and true anonymity
a level of protection that the Surface Web simply can’t provide then rest easy.
Everyone has a voice in the Darknet, down in the depths where even Google’s spiders fear to crawl.

This post was written for educational purposes only. If you wish to use the Darknet, do it at your own discretion and at your own risk. Make sure to be aware of any consequences that may follow.

ACE VoIP Directory Tool
ACE (Automated Corporate Enumerator) is a simple yet powerful VoIP Corporate Directory enumeration tool that mimics the behavior of an IP Phone in order to download the name and extension entries that a given phone can display on its screen interface. In the same way that the "corporate directory" feature of VoIP hard phones enables users to easily dial by name via their VoIP handsets,

ACE was developed as a research idea born from "VoIP Hopper" to automate VoIP attacks that can be targeted against names in an enterprise Directory. The concept is that in the future, attacks will be carried out against users based on their name, rather than targeting VoIP traffic against random RTP audio streams or IP addresses. ACE works by using DHCP, TFTP, and HTTP in order to download the VoIP corporate directory. It then outputs the directory to a text file, which can be used as input to other VoIP assessment tools. ACE is a standalone utility, but its functions are integrated into UCSniff.

ACE currently supports the VoIP corporate directory used in Cisco Unified IP Phones. It works in the following way:

1)Spoofs CDP to get VVID
2)Adds Voice VLAN Interface (VLAN Hop) - subsequent traffic is tagged with VVID
3)Sends DHCP request tagged with VVID
4)Decodes TFTP Server IP Address via DHCP Option 150
5)Sends a TFTP request for IP Phone configuration file
6)Parses file, learning Corporate Directory URL
7)Sends an HTTP GET request for Directory
8)Parses XML Data, writing directory users to a formatted text file

acccheck Package Description

Kali Linux Tools

Acccheck Attempts to connect to the IPC and ADMIN shares depending on which flags have been chosen, and tries a combination of usernames and passwords in the hope to identify the password to a given account via a dictionary password guessing attack. this  tool is designed as a password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol. It is really a wrapper script around the ‘smbclient’ binary, and as a result is dependent on it for its execution. only use -v mode on very small dictionaries, otherwise, this has the affect of slowing the scan down to the rate the system writes to standard out.

he Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol is a network file sharing protocol, and as implemented in Microsoft Windows is known as Microsoft SMB Protocol. The set of message packets that defines a particular version of the protocol is called a dialect. The Common Internet File System (CIFS) Protocol is a dialect of SMB. Both SMB and CIFS are also available on VMS, several versions of Unix, and other operating systems.

Most usage of SMB involves computers running Microsoft Windows, where it was known as “Microsoft Windows Network” before the subsequent introduction of Active Directory. Corresponding Windows services are LAN Manager Server (for the server component) and LAN Manager Workstation (for the client component)

SMB can run on top of the Session (and lower) network layers in several ways:
Directly over TCP, port 445;
Via the NetBIOS API, which in turn can run on several transports;
On UDP ports 137, 138 & TCP ports 137, 139 (NetBIOS over TCP/IP);
On several legacy protocols such as NBF (incorrectly referred to as NetBEUI).
The SMB “Inter-Process Communication” (IPC) system provides named pipes and was one of the first inter-process mechanisms commonly available to programmers that provides a means for services to inherit the authentication carried out when a client first connected to an SMB server.

The simplest way to run acccheck is as follows:
./acccheck.pl -t
This mode of execution attempts to connect to the target ADMIN share with the username ‘Administrator’ and a [BLANK] for the password.
./acccheck.pl -t -u test -p test
This mode of execution attempts to connect to the target IPC share with the username ‘test’ and a password ‘test’.

Each -t, -u and -p flags can be substituted by -T, -U and -P, where each represents an input file rather than a single input from standard in.

./acccheck.pl -T iplist -U userfile -P passwordfile
Only use -v mode on very small dictionaries, otherwise, this has the affect of slowing the scan down to the rate the system writes to standard out.

Any username/password combinations found are written to a file called ‘cracked’ in the working directory.

 -t [single host IP address]
 -T [file containing target ip address(es)]

 -p [single password]
 -P [file containing passwords]
 -u [single user]
 -U [file containing usernames]
 -v [verbose mode]

Attempt the 'Administrator' account with a [BLANK] password.
acccheck.pl -t
Attempt all passwords in 'password.txt' against the 'Administrator' account.
acccheck.pl -t -P password.txt
Attempt all password in 'password.txt' against all users in 'users.txt'.
acccehck.pl -t -U users.txt -P password.txt
Attempt a single password against a single user.
acccheck.pl -t -u administrator -p password

Offensive Security has announced on January 21, 2016, that their popular penetration testing operating system, Kali Linux, is getting a rolling release edition, at the request of numerous users.
Kali Linux 2016.1 is the first version of the Kali Linux Rolling Edition
Kali rolling 2016

Kali Linux is one of the most used and powerful penetration operating system on the world
with this new update you finally can get new updated packages fast without having to wait ages
it brings you the latest and greatest penetration testing tools, as well as a fresh base synchronized with the upstream software repositories of the stable Debian GNU/Linux 9.0
Every time a new tool is updated, it’s tracked, packaged, tested and released within 24-48 hours by the Kali dev team.

The new rolling system has been tested over a period of 5 months and it appears to be stable
To get a better understanding of the changes that this brings to Kali, a clearer picture of how rolling releases work is needed. Rather than Kali basing itself off standard Debian releases (such as Debian 7, 8, 9) and going through the cyclic phases of “new, mainstream, outdated”, the Kali rolling release feeds continuously from Debian testing, ensuring a constant flow of the latest package versions.

kali linux  requirements :
system requirements:
At least 10GB hard disk space
512MB Ram for i386 and amd64 architectures and this is the minimum just to start it up !
A bootable CD-DVD Drive or a USB stick and you can simply use only the ISO file to install it on vmware .

How to update to Kali linux 2016.1

1) Backup your data
2) Download Kali linux and burn the new ISO from kali linux download
3) Format the partition and do a fresh install of the new distro

open a terminal window as root and issue the following commands:
cat << EOF > /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://http.kali.org/kali kali-rolling main non-free contrib

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade # get a coffee, or 10.
Please note that the sana repository EOL is planned to be on 15th April 2016. After that date there won’t be future updates, so it is advisable to migrate to Kali linux 2016.1 as soon as possible.

how to install Kali linux on VMware

1) Download kali linux iso
2) If you have 64bit CPU download 64bit copy, if not sure download 32 bit and it will work on both
3) After downloading the file go to vmware
4 ) Create new machine
    1}Linux  > Debian 7.x
    2}select a maximum disk size for Kali > select at least 30 GB’s as Kali tends to expand over time. i install it many time for testing over and over and it even work with 10GB so its up to you and how much space you are going to give !
After you’ve entered your desired value change the next option to Store virtual disk as a single file and click Next. ( sorting it as a single file will make the reading and writing much faster
5) Select Memory
after click on next ,
click on Customize hardware
Select Memory in the left pane of the window, and slide the slider on the right side to at least 512 MB
6)Click Finish and run your new VMware Check this Video for next Steps

kali linux vm
VMware Tools simply and easy install
As of Sept 2015, VMware recommends using the distribution-specific open-vm-tools instead of the VMware Tools package for guest machines.
Kali linux was tested and works correctly with open-vm-tools.
To install them, simply open a new terminal window as root and issue the following commands:
Youtube Video : Install VMware Tools on Kali Linux
apt-get update
apt-get install open-vm-tools-desktop -y
if you have any problem when you try to install VMware tools on kali linux maybe it's cause  your source file need to be fixed !
if so check this post Fix Kali Linux sources.list Repositories
and if you had any error let me know by comment ,

Supported platforms:
Kali Linux is distributed in 32- and 64-bit images for use on hosts based on the x86 instruction set and as an image for the ARM architecture for use on the BeagleBoard computer and on Samsung's ARM Chromebook

tools are arranged into 13 categories:
01- Information Gathering
02- Vulnerability Analysis
03- Wireless Attacks
04- Web Application
05- Exploitation Tools
06- Forensic Tools
07- Stress Testing
08- Sniffing & Spoofing
09- Password Attacks
10- Maintaining Access
11- Reverse Engineering
12- Hardware Hacking
13- Reporting Tools

kali linux default user : root
kali linux default password : toor

Nmap is one of the most important tools for every Network security
Nmap it's the best  network security scanner tool over the last 10 years on all major Operating Systems. more about nmap at the end of the post !

So far it was available in windows, linux and Mac OS X and now it's available at android platform
It is compiled from real Nmap source code by some developers to support android devices.
the developers who code it to work with android called it ANmap

ANmap is an android tool that you can use on a network to determine available hosts, services, operating system versions, types of packet filters/firewalls and other characteristics.

to get ANmap work with full features your device must be rooted , keep in mind rooting your device breaks ups vendor (reseller) guarantees
so if you root your device to run ANmap on it be very careful to which application you give access to run as super user!

Download ANmap apk from here

How To Use aNmap:
after downloading and running the app you will see a window requesting full access to all device features
click grant 
just Grant root access, and you will see the main page of aNmap:

note if your phone if not rooted you wont see that window.

after getting into the main page of anmap you can use all the features of aNmap if you have a rooted phone
to use it
1-Enter the IP address of the target in the top-right box.
2-Then tap on "nmap" button.
It will start scanning the target server and display the open ports and other characteristics 

If you want to use Anmap only command line interface (without gui).
Download compiled nmap with data files in this tar ball or this zip archive and keep it in one folder.
Than connect to localhost via ConnectBot, untar and start scanning:
$ tar -xvf nmap-5.51-1.tar
$ su
# ./nmap
Nmap (Network Mapper) is a security scanner originally written by Gordon Lyon (also known by his pseudonym Fyodor Vaskovich) used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, thus creating a "map" of the network. To accomplish its goal, Nmap sends specially crafted packets to the target host and then analyzes the responses.

it can be used to discover services running on Internet connected systems. Like any tool it could potentially be used for black hat hacking, as a precursor to attempts to gain unauthorized access to computer systems. it is more often[citation needed] used by security and systems administration to assess networks for vulnerabilities.

System administrators can use it to search for unauthorized servers, or for computers that do not conform to security standards.

Nmap is related to vulnerability assessment tools such as Nessus, which test for common vulnerabilities in open ports. The included NSE scripts that are packaged with modern versions of Nmap are able to perform vulnerability checks against discovered services.

why Nmap is ported to android ?
why not ! Nmap is used everyday by thousands of network professionals to keep their systems secure. Nmap's documentation describes itself as a "network exploration tool and security scanner," and it has excelled at these complex capabilities. Nmap tracks down the Wild West town's citizens, identifies each person, and checks them over for potential security gaps. All of these scans are configured, launched, and recorded using nmap's built-in capabilities. With nmap, the Wild West's network becomes a safer and more comfortable place to live.

and Android is one of the most used mobile operating system all over the world almost everyone now have mobile phone and most of them are using android as the open source operating system.
android is more like linux you can use it in  a simple  way and you can make it do almost everything you need
a network administrator would really enjoy using nmap on his phone maybe it can't do all the job but for sure it will do a good part of it , i mean the first step !

why this app is not being updated ?
i wish i could find the answer for that question but as i said this app still can do the first part of the job
Make sure to Check  Intercepter-NG v2.0 for Android

Automated Evil Twin Attack: infernal-twin
Evil twin is a term for a fake WiFi access point, it appears to be a legitimate one offered on the premises, but it has been set up to snoop "spy"  on your wireless communications.
An evil twin is also called wifiphisher it's the wireless version of the phishing scam that hackers use to hack online accounts
The attacker fools wireless users to make them connect to a tainted hotspot by posing as a legitimate provider.
wifi phisher

This type of fake wifi attack may be used to steal the passwords of the users by either snooping the communication link or by phishing, which involves setting up a fraudulent web site and luring people there in a simple word it's wifi phisher

This tool was created to help the auditors and penetration testers to perform wireless security assessment in a quick manner and easing complex attack vectors.

it is an automatic wifi hacking tool, it's a Python suite created to aid penetration testers during wireless assessments,  many of the common attacks can be done automatically by using this tool
which can get complicated and hard to manage when executed manually.
FeaturesWhat this tool will do
1-WPA2 hacking
2-WEP Hacking
3-WPA2 Enterprise hacking
4-Wireless Social Engineering
5-SSL Strip
6-Evil Access Point Creation
7-Infernal Wireless
8-Report generation
9-PDF Report
10-HTML Report
11-Note taking function
12-Data is saved into Database
13-Network mapping
15-Probe Request
1-Set up monitoring interface
2-Set up DB
3-Scan wireless network in the range
4-Connect to the network selected SSID
5-Obtain login page of authentication
6-Modify the login page with attacker
controlled php script to obtain the credentials
7-Set up Apache Server and serve fake login page
8-Give a victim an IP
9-Set up NAT table
10-Dump the traffic
11-Perform Deauthentication Attack

how Evil Twin attack work ?

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