Cracking WPA2 wifi password is not really an easy thing to do,
no you can't crack it with a click and there is no software that will give you the password without some hard work ...
don't run away still you can crack it  with few steps here :) and we will do it using aircrack-ng

For a fast wifi cracking check this video

Requirements: To crack a wpa2-psk encrypted wifi password using aircrack-ng

1- Kali Linux or any Linux system with aircrack-ng installed
  a- if you don't have aircrack-ng suite get it by this commend in terminal
sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng
2- a wireless network adapter that support monitor mode like
  a- Alfa 2W AWUS036NH
  b- Alfa AWUS036H
  c- wifiy-city 56G
  d- and you can check this page here for card compatibility compatibility drivers
3- a word list comprising of all the possible different combination of pass-phrases

Now let's get to work
i will be using wifiy-city 56G card on Kali linux 2 sana