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when Anonymous become a Government tool

who is Anonymous become a Government tool
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when Anonymous become a Government tool !
or it's hijacked by the CIA

what is anonymous ? isn't about the freedom of speech ?
and the right of do what you want without letting the government know your moves
the site you visit the chat you have with friend the right of posting what you want
the freedom of speech ? the right to write about what you want the way you see it
freedom of speech to share what you have with who you want
freedom of speech this was one of the icon of Anonymous Freedom !
there is alot to say about Anonymous Great things we all loved
but today we are not Anonymous not anymore
we used to be Anonymous when the world was asking who are they
we used to be Anonymous when we make the move and no one understand how we did it
we used to be Anonymous when we used to fight the Government who took our right
our rights of being Anonymous
our right of freedom of speech
we used to be Anonymous when the world Government used to follow us trying to know who we are
what we want
what we will do

we used to be Anonymous before we become the Anonymous Group !
we used to be Anonymous before we become a Group
with alot of pages and chat rooms
we used to be Anonymous when we used to fight who took our right !
now tell me MR.Anonymous dose the government know what you will do ?
do they know your next move
do they know your target ?
many of the guys was arrested by FBI by CIA and Interpol
even some was killed after the last move for anonymous against Isreal
for what ? for being really Anonymous .
today you can find the great empire of Anonymous
in irc rooms there they what help you ! if they can but they can't,
they will only tell you what you can find in Google but nothing new !
so now when you become Anonymous first thing you do is like anonymous page at Facebook
join the chat in IRC rooms ?
is this what you are doing ? and you still think that you are Anonymous ?
Anonymous Facebook page and IRC rooms is giving orders and almost everyone is following the Orders
do we really know who's behind those rooms and pages ? do you ?

do you know that the idea of Anonymous started in Germany a few of guys started the game to fight for our right
now those guys who did that who bring to us this great idea they are not between us they are behind bars
they are in dark rooms in Prison ..
but how the CIA and Interpol Found them ?
that happen when they offer alot of money for a bad Friend !
after taking down all the great guys in Anonymous the CIA start to think about the great internet army
we know now days it's really easy to learn almost everything you want hacking from A to Z
this is a big problem for government and you cant really control it but wait now the CIA word
( true we can't control this army and if we get in war with them we will lose so for that we should Containment them )
how they will do that ? they did
but taking down the leaders of Anonymous then making pages in Facebook twitter and we ever you go
supporting that page to be the Anonymous official pages where the army will take orders
this way the government are save , now they know all your moves they know if you wanna attack they disconnect impotent serves when you plane to attack
and they lead you they want you to attack so they try some new system , now you think you are fighting them but you are helping them
and the last order we took from those pages it's yes find ISIS online Close there profiles,
so now we are together doing what CIA what the world government want it's to stop ISIS profile and we forget that the government of this world is buying oil from ISIS at the same time !
Who are they ? they are Anonymous
Who give you order ? Anonymous
so now you work for someone you don't know
now you a part of government army...
do you really want to be Anonymous ? here's how we used to be Anonymous
small Groups we all know each other in real life
small Groups we work together and no one know our target before we took it down !
be find real hackers around you people you know not fake pages all over the net telling you we are the Anonymous . the only Anonymous !!
my friends Anonymous is not a Group Anonymous is a idea and that what the leaders of Anonymous wanted you to know
and for that they still in Prison or dead !!
be Anonymous open your eyes
don't follow the rules
we are here to break the rule
don't do the dirty work of government , let the government do there own work
government is the one who take our right and took our freedom
we are not talking about that anymore
we are not in war with government , some of us is taking money for a war they started after taking the order from some government
are we really Anonymous or we are just a tools in someone hand !
so i'm done and i said all what i have .. leave a comment or write under this hashtag #xAnon
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