Do you have an Alfa AWUS036NH Wi-Fi adapter that claims it can go to 2000 mWs, or some card that can supposedly transmit power over 1000 mW? If so, you may have run into problems setting your card's TXPOWER higher than 30 dBm, which is about 1000 mW. Well, I will show you how to break that barrier and go as high as you want!


Removing all restrictions is illegal in the United States. This tutorial is only for educational reasons, and if you choose to apply it and break the law, then that is your choice and not mine. Please be careful putting this into action.

Changing Your Wi-Fi Card's TX Power

i will showed you how to set your TXPOWER all the way to 30 dBm, or 1 full watt, or 1000 mW.
I'm going to quickly review the commands to do so:
  • iw reg set BO
  • iwconfig wlan0 txpower 30
If you try to go over 30, though, you will get an error.
What happens is that the iw reg set command reads the regulatory database for the country that you specified (BO) and comes back with the rules for that country. In Bolivia, the rules are that you can set your txpower to 30 dBm and no more, but if we were to change those rules, we could change how much we can increase it to.
So without further delay, let's get into how to change that!
NOTE: KALI users have to do it just a tad bit differently. Go to Step 7 to learn what the differences are. The differences occur in Steps 4 through 6.

Step 1: Install Packages

For this to work, we need to install a couple packages first, and those packages are as follows:
  • python-m2crypto
  • libgcrypt11
  • libgcrypt11-dev
  • libnl-dev
So, let's make sure those are installed:
  • apt-get install python-m2crypto libgcrypt11 libgcrypt11-dev libnl-dev
As you can see, mine were already installed. Yours, however, may not be.

Step 2: The Files