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Reset Kali Linux password

how to reset kali linux password

Very easy way on how to reset kali linux login password
In this tutorial, you will see what to do if you forget the Kali Linux password with the advanced settings for GNU / Linux Kali on GNU GRUB.

It only takes a minute to change the password of Kali Linux .

The default password for Kali Linux for the root user is toor.

If you change the password to your own and forget it, this post will help you reset the password.
You can reset the Kali Linux root password in a few simple steps:

  • At the time of download, select the menu * Advanced option for Kali GNU / Linux
  • Next, select the menu * Kali GNU / Linux ... (Recovery mode)
  • And press the E key , in the GRUB settings, select the line containing the boot parameters, replace ro with rw at the end of the line add init=/bin/bash
  • Press F10 using passwd reset password:
Reboot & enjoy